Donate today for an even better Carmel Tomorrow.

In the interest of serving the Christian community with a quiet comfortable place for retreats and contemplation, we have opted as a private business to put all of our profits exclusively back into Carmel Retreat Center. In doing so, we hope to help people grow spiritually through the relaxing atmosphere of the retreat center, now and for generations to come.

It is important to us that you understand Carmel Retreat is not a 501(c)(3) organization*, therefore your donations are not tax deductible. However, we are still asking you to consider donating so together we can make Carmel an even better Christian retreat center. 

Here are a few things we are working towards...

Future Projects

* Remodel the Stations of the Cross * Build a Grotto * Add a Rosary Walk * Create more walking trails
* Upgrade aging appliances, air conditioning units and decks
* Purchase additional land to build a cabin-style facility for teen retreats
If you would like to make a donation, please mail your check to:
(We are not currently set up to accept credit cards.)

Carmel Retreat Center
60 E. Jefferson St
Hoschton, Ga 30548

Please include a note letting us know this is a donation. Thank you for prayerfully considering donating to Carmel Retreat Center.
If you have questions or would like to speak with us regarding donations, please call or email:

Gary Hardesty (owner):  (678) 591-6851
Sherry Roberts (General Manager):  (678) 227-2543

Carmel Donations-Retreat Center

*We have chosen not to become a Non-Profit organization for several reasons, including but not limited to the fact that we do not want the government's hand in our business.  We reserve the right to turn away any group for any reason we feel would be detrimental to Carmel.  We are trying to operate, in the best of our ability, as a Christian company.  We do not feel Non-Profit status would allow us as much flexibilty to do that.  

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